Why Choose Hygenex® Services?

Despite a volatile economy and changing consumer tastes, some things never change. The need for clean, safe, and functioning restrooms is one of these things. Organizations of all sizes have taken advantage of Hygenex® restroom solutions, enjoying clean, fresh smelling, sanitized restrooms and a “Raving Fans” level of customer service.

Building upon this strong foundation is the Hygenex® service menu, which offers customers unparalleled service. Core services, which include restroom hygiene, air freshener service, luxury foaming hand soap service, and paper inventory control, are designed to make restroom maintenance as hassle-free as possible for customers and to create a comfortable, clean, and safe restroom experience for their customers, employees, and guests. The Hygenex® combination of distinctive products and services makes it the only restroom maintenance solution that will provide the odor control and disease prevention solutions that companies not only want, but need.

As per state and federal regulations, almost every public facility or retail establishment must have a restroom. It is vital that these restrooms are kept clean, safe, and in working order. This consistent demand for Hygenex® services is the foundation for the success and stability of the brand. From local small businesses to major Fortune 500 corporations, Hygenex® services are in demand across the entire spectrum of industry. FedEx, Harley Davidson, Frito Lay, the YMCA, Ryder, Sprouts, 7-11, Toyota, Outback Steakhouse, Volkswagen, Denny’s, Nissan, Ace Hardware, the Jonathan Club, and other major brands have enjoyed the benefits of Hygenex® services.

The Hygenex proprietary product line is designed to produce the cleanest, freshest-smelling restrooms free from mold, mildew, uric acid, and other odor causing and illness producing germs and bacteria. All Hygenex products are FDA cleared, EPA registered, and OSHA compliant.

Hygenex® customers can be confident that their restrooms don’t just look clean and sanitized – they are clean and sanitized.

Along with a commitment to service, Hygenex® services providers are committed to the environment. All services and products are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, helping to dramatically reduce their impact on the environment and local landfills.

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