What Makes Hygenex® Better?

Franchisee Craig Polin has three excellent reasons why Hygenex should be your next business investment.


Re-Occurring Revenue

Each individual sale that is made has the potential to continue to produce revenue on a weekly basis for the lifespan of the business relationship. This can potentially mean that for many years, even decades, revenue could compound. In typical businesses such as the auto, mortgage, or restaurant industries, a sale is made once, and the product or service is delivered and paid for once. The sales cycle must begin again for both new and return prospects. The same customer must buy the product or service over and over again. With Hygenex®, each company that invests in the service continues to produce revenue every single week after the initial sale, for as long as the service continues. This allows the sales force to constantly seek out new business while continuing accounts are earning money!

Low Tech

Hygenex® uses basic tools and simple, time-tested procedures to perform our services. While we do use proprietary techniques and formulas and are highly specialized at what we do, the service is low-tech in nature. Unlike many businesses out there, Hygenex® never runs the risk of becoming obsolete due to inevitable advancements in technology that have the potential to change entire industry landscapes—As long as restrooms exist, along with the associated need for supplies, odor control and disease prevention, there will always be a need for Hygenex®. There is no “app” that will ever be able to reproduce what our technicians physically provide every single week.

Customers you can go out and get

Typical retail franchises maintain a “store front” and require the customer to physically show up to the location to purchase products or services. Even in the on-line sector, potential customers must seek out a specific company before making a buying decision. In the end, despite a robust marketing campaign, the typical company must sit back and “wait” and “hope” a prospect approaches. The Hygenex® sales model allows for a coordinated inside and outside sales force to physically go out and aggressively make sales, in person. Even during slow economies, at Hygenex®, we can control our own destiny by dictating how much we put into our sales efforts—we can always go out and get business!

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