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Most importantly, the Hygenex® brand represents quality service and impeccable standards. The Hygenex franchise system’s pillars for success are its leadership principles, management principles, and customer service principles. Every decision made is driven by these Core Values. At Hygenex Franchising Corporation (HFC), we work with our franchisees to replicate the brand’s success by defining a vision, learning what a customer really wants, instituting effective systems, resulting in the “Raving Fan” level of performance as a constant feature within the system. HFC believes that a “just a satisfied customer” is not good enough; each Hygenex® services provider must earn a Raving Fan.

At HFC, we also believe in creating a positive culture where employees can thrive- both financially and emotionally. Franchisees will quickly find that their employees will be one of their most valuable assets by far. Hygenex tools, systems, and procedures have been time tested, from which franchisees will greatly benefit. The Hygenex franchise concept systemizes the business and includes policies and procedures designed to help achieve an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.

Additionally, HFC is an independent franchisor unencumbered by a large number of shareholders, red tape, and bureaucracy. Everything we do is geared toward ensuring that franchisees can deliver unparalleled customer service… for we offer a service concept, and without high quality service the brand loses value.

The Hygenex franchise opportunity provides franchisees with a distinctive system, intensive training, and ongoing support to build a thriving restroom hygiene franchise of their own. Simply put, HFC’s primary goal) is to set each individual franchisee up for a rewarding experience that eliminates guess-work and costly start-up mistakes.

As a franchisee, HFC will assist you in developing the tools that you need to generate business and create relationships with a variety of clientele, including corporate offices, hospitals, commercial centers, hotels, sporting venues, schools, restaurants, retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, gyms, and more.

The valuable benefits that you will receive as a Hygenex franchisee include:

Brand power

At HFC, the brand’s reputation precedes us. Customers using Hygenex® services know that the brand is synonymous with safe, clean, comfortable restrooms and professional, expert service. As a Hygenex franchisee, you will receive brand recognition and in-depth training at our corporate location and job sites, as well as ongoing support as you develop and grow your franchise business. .

Proprietary products and services

Our proprietary cleaning supplies have been created by leading industry experts and are designed to be as effective, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient as possible.

Proven systems

The Hygenex system has been developed, cultivated, and fine-tuned based on industry research, customer feedback, controlled experimentation, and many decades of trial and error. The Hygenex system is designed to streamline your operations and help you run your business as competently as possible. Our documentation and manuals outline Hygenex standards, systems, names, and marks, as well as detail the required practices relative to the operation of a Hygenex business. Our materials are plainspoken and easy-to-read, and our processes are simple and streamlined, allowing you to train your employees as easily and cost-efficiently as possible.

Vendor connections and group buying power

We have developed strong partnerships with the most reputable and economic manufacturers and vendors. From equipment and supplies to employee uniforms and marketing materials, we have leveraged the Hygenex group’s buying power with the goal of providing HFC franchisees favorable pricing and the highest-quality products.

Sales Aids

A variety of advertising materials and sales aids are specifically designed to promote the Hygenex® concept to existing and prospective customers. If requested, HFC will offer you advice and/or suggestions for sales and advertising your business in your local area.

Call Center

HFC will maintain a toll-free centralized call center to receive and forward customer calls and new customer inquiries to franchisees according to closest proximity to your Area of Primary Responsibility.


We have established and maintain a website that provides extensive information about Hygenex® services. The Hygenex® website is a great reference tool for potential customers and a good marketing tool as well.

Computer System

The Hygenex computer system is our collective term for the computer hardware and software that allow you to efficiently operate your business. User-friendly and intuitive software allows you to seamlessly conduct your customer scheduling, administration, and financial tasks in one place. Our franchise software is designed to allow you to easily perform key business functions including the following: Keep track of billing and accounts receivables, manage customer records, create and upload quality assurance documentation from the field, manage lead generation activities and customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Ongoing Research and Development

In order to stay on the forefront of industry developments, HFC or its affiliates conduct ongoing research to determine consumer trends as well as test new technology and stay industry relevant.

Start-Up Package

As a Hygenex franchisee, the start-up package provided for you allows you to be prepared to service your first customer as soon as you open. The start-up package contains an initial supply of equipment and items you need in order to get your business up and running — cleaning solutions, paper, equipment and dispensers, and office items (laptop computer, printer, business forms and business supplies).

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