Frequently Asked Questions

How much can franchisees expect to make per year?

Financial results will vary based on numerous factors, including franchisee performance, local market variables, competitor market saturation, and general economic conditions.

What type of experience do I need to have to be a good franchisee candidate?

We expect our franchisees to come from all industries and backgrounds. An ideal candidate will have a strong business acumen, as well as sales and management experience. We are looking for people who are friendly, professional, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. The most important quality in a franchisee is a willingness to learn our processes and systems.

How much will the Hygenex™ investment cost me?

The initial investment necessary to begin operation of a Hygenex start-up franchise is estimated to be between $86,450 and $203,600 (up to opening and for the first 90 days of operation, based on certain assumptions). This includes an initial franchise fee beginning at $30,000. As with any new venture, it’s important to have adequate capital to fund the initial business growth stages. Our franchise disclosure document provides important notes and qualifiers about this estimated initial investment range.

Is financing available?

No, we do not provide direct or indirect financing to franchisees.

How long does it take to open a franchise?

While every situation is different, we estimate that the typical length of time between the time you sign the Franchise Agreement until you begin operations is approximately 60 days.

Do I need to have a physical office for my company?

Yes, franchisees will need to lease or own an office/warehouse approved by Hygenex.

Does Hygenex offer multi-unit franchise opportunities?

Yes. We offer discounts on the current initial franchise fee for owners of multiple Hygenex Franchises.

What sets you apart from other cleaning franchises?

In addition to our top of the line products, proven techniques, and commitment to service, we focus exclusively on restroom cleaning and maintenance. It can be far more difficult to negotiate major contracts for full cleaning or janitorial services than it is to focus exclusively on one niche. By focusing our efforts on restroom services, our goal is for our franchisees to more effectively corner their local market. Additionally, HFC decisions are driven by our set of Company Core Values, with the primary Core Value being “Trust and Truthfulness”—the cornerstone of the franchisor / franchisee relationship.

How do I know if Hygenex will work in my market?

Our franchise specialists will work with you to assess your city’s population, business, and economic data to help you estimate if a Hygenex franchise would be a good fit for your community. Of course, there is never a guarantee of success in any given market or for any particular franchisee.

Is owning a Hygenex franchise right for me?

Franchising is great if you want the autonomy of being your own boss, but with the support of a dedicated franchisor office and a systems blueprint.

As a franchisee, will I be required to follow all procedures, or can I make changes based on my market or specific circumstances?

Our business success is based upon the exact procedures stated in our operations manuals and other documentation, and the strength of our franchise system depends upon the consistent adherence to these policies throughout the network by all franchisees. However, the principals at HFC’s corporate office do recognize that you may have valuable experience or information that could be useful to others in the system. We continually look for ways to further improve or enhance the Hygenex system, so franchisees are encouraged to send any suggestions or ideas to the our office for consideration. This will enable us to share any ideas that prove to be effective with all franchisees. As a result, not only will you and all other franchisees benefit, but it will strengthen the entire Hygenex network as well.

Will you help me select a site for my franchise?

Yes. We will provide you with our written site selection criteria that identifies demographic and physical attributes of potential “flex” space locations to aid your investigation and evaluation of potential sites for the franchised business.

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